Starting my Professional Learning Network Journey

Hi! My name is Rob. I teach English to adult speakers of other languages in Brisbane, Australia. I’m halfway through studying a Master of Education, with a focus on teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This semester, I am studying the fascinating topic of Connected Learning.

My aim while taking this course is to explore how social media and other networking can aid people in developing a professional learning network (PLN). PLNs are interest-driven networks that help people to learn about and produce resources for their field.

I initially started this blog to store monologues and duologues that I had created for use in my intermediate English class in an effort to save paper (the students accessed the scripts via iPads). Let’s save the trees!

I work at an international language school in South Brisbane. It’s a school visited by mostly adult students from all over the world who come to learn English in an immersive environment. Some students come for two weeks, others for a year or more. It’s a great place to work, with a fun and supportive staffroom and interesting students.

Of course, there are some assignments to do! I need to develop a PLN of my own. So, for my assignments and my future professional development, I have decided to expand the use of this blog in two ways:

1) Repurpose the blog beyond being an online resource of monologues and duologues and create a PLN that deals more generally with adult classes where students are learning English as an additional language (EAL). I’ll also use this blog to host some new resources that will be useful for an ESOL teacher (that’s English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Bye Cubic theme. I loved you a lot!

2) Start using this blog as a blog! I am going to build up my PLN and document the journey in this blog.

Let’s go!

I would love to talk to you. Here are my connections:


Also, if anyone is interested in creating some English through song resources, I am into music composition and production. Here’s a link to my Soundcloud:


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