No Parking

This is a duologue about driving and the nightmare that is finding a parking space.

Andy and Jay are having a day out shopping in the city. Before they can start looking in the shops, they need to find somewhere to park their car.

Andy: Is that one there?

Jay: There are two yellow lines.

Andy: So what?

Jay: I keep telling you! You can’t park there if there are yellow lines!

Andy: This is ridiculous! We’ve been looking for ages. I told you we should have caught the train in instead.

Jay: What? You’re full of it! You were the one who said driving would be quicker!

Andy: Let’s just put it here.

Jay: It’s a driveway!

Andy: And…?

Jay: There’s a sign that says they will tow the car away if anyone parks there!

Andy: That wouldn’t actually happen.

Jay: Well, would you want to pay the three hundred dollar fine and release fee if that happened?

Andy: Erm…

Jay: Thought not.

Andy: Shall we just go home?

Jay: Yeah. I don’t really fancy shopping anyway.


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