Moving On

Leaving home for the first time can be a stressful experience.

Moving on

Rene: So I hear you’ve moved out of your parents’ place.

Drew: Not yet, actually. I’m moving into my new place on Saturday.

Rene: That’s awesome! Do you need a hand shifting your stuff?

Drew: That would be brilliant! I’m picking up a van from the hire place at ten. I could come and get you after that.

Rene: Do you have much stuff to move?

Drew: Just my bed and a few boxes of clothes. Oh, and my console.

Rene: Don’t you need stuff for the kitchen? What are you planning on eating off of?

Drew: Well, it’s a furnished flat, so I don’t need anything much. There’s a fridge, a microwave, plates, glasses, cutlery, a sofa and a telly.

Rene: Blimey! You struck gold with this one.

Drew: Hmm.

Rene: What do you mean, ‘Hmm’?

Drew: My sister’s moving in with her boyfriend too. It might take a while to get used to living with them!

Rene: I heard he’s a fitness fanatic and loves to go running at five in the morning!

Drew: (sarcastically) That’s something to look forward to, then!

Rene: Good luck!



Move on – experience a change to a new way of life

Move out – permanently leave your current home

Move in – start living in a new home

Fitness fanatic – someone who loves to exercise

Be used to something – the situation is not strange for you

Get used to something – be in the process of something feeling less strange over time

Not used to something – the situation is strange for you




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