Eating In

A waiter and a customer are having a conversation in a restaurant.

Eating In

Waiter: Good evening. Welcome to the restaurant! Can I start you off with a drink?

Customer: Hi! Hmmm. What would you recommend?

Waiter: Well, do you fancy a soft drink, wine or beer?

Customer: I reckon I’m up for something soft.

Waiter: Well, we have sparkling water, lemonade, cola or orange juice.

Customer: I’ll take a sparkling water, please.

Waiter: Great. Would you like to hear the specials?

Customer: Sure.

Waiter: We have crispy skin Atlantic salmon, which is served on a bed of creamy mash potato, and we have delicious pork ribs served with chips and coleslaw.

Customer: The salmon sounds awesome, but I feel like a pizza.

Waiter: Uh-huh. We have three types of pizza. You can choose between a supreme, a  margarita or a pepperoni.

Customer: I’ll take the pepperoni, please, with a side order of fries.

Waiter: Very good. I’ll be back shortly with your drink.

Customer: Nice one!