FYI means for your information. It’s a way of telling someone something they need to know, or it’s a way of correcting someone when they express an opinion that you believe is wrong.


“FYI, your package was delivered today.” (Giving information)

“FYI, I wasn’t out watching football; I was buying you a present!” (Correcting an opinion)



Taylor: Awesome photo.

Hayden: What?

Taylor: That pic of the beach you posted last week. I just came across it.

Hayden: Oh yeah. We went to Noosa for a few days.

Taylor: Oh… We… Who else went?

Hayden: I caught up with some old uni mates. It was so good! We went to the beach, trekked around the headland, went fishing, went out for dinner… (stops talking, sensing that Taylor is unhappy)

Taylor: (grumpy) Right… You know, I would have come along if you’d invited me!

Hayden: (laughing) Well, we’re not an item!

Taylor: It’s hard to keep up with what you think. One minute you want to do everything with me, the next you ditch me!

Hayden: FYI, I always make sure I include you in most of the things that I do!

Taylor: It’s just upsetting, that’s all.

Hayden: (getting frustrated) Well, if you don’t like what you see, perhaps you should unfollow me! Then you won’t see anything online that upsets you!

Taylor: Pftttt…

Hayden: And, you posted that photo of you and Matty at the football last week! Where was my invite?

Taylor: (embarrassed) True. I’m being a bit ridiculous, aren’t I?

Hayden: (laughing) Nah… This is a silly argument.

Taylor: (happy again) We should make up. Where are you going this weekend?

Hayden: (worried) Wait, what?



LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud (used to show that someone thinks that something is funny)

Post – Put something online. E.g., “I posted that photo.”

Make up – Become friends again. E.g., “Let’s not fight. Let’s make up.”

Ditch (somebody) – Stop spending time with someone and see other people

Keep up with – Stay up to date with information. E.g., I like to keep up with the news from home.

Come across – find

An item – in a relationship