Great Innovations

Stacey is working on a stand at a technology trade fair and speaking to interested people who stop to look at the products her company is displaying.

Great Innovations

Stacey: Hi! How are you today?

Jo: Alright. This looks like an interesting device. What is it?

Stacey: That’s our new smart device. It can control all of your electronic devices and link them together.

Jo: Uh huh. I know a bit about these. They will be making a big difference in the future.

Stacey:  Exactly. And because it utilises wireless charging, you can do away with all of your messy cords.

Jo: I’d like something that could find the TV remote when I lose it down the back of the sofa!

Stacey: Then you’re in luck! The voice activated chip allows you to ask your device where it is and it plays a tune which helps you to track it down.

Jo: Pretty smart. How much does it retail for?

Stacey: Recommended retail price is $99, with a wholesale price of $55. However, during the exhibition, we have a discounted price of $50 per unit if you order one hundred or more.

Jo: Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Was it designed by your company? It looks very similar to other products.

Stacey: We designed it here,  and it’s manufactured in Sweden. The software was developed in California.

Jo: What else can you tell me about it?

Stacey: The hardware is made from fine quality materials so it will last a long time.

Jo: Okay. I’ll put in a provisional order of fifty if you can drop the price to $45 per unit.

Stacey: Okay. That’s an interesting offer. Let’s take a seat and see if we can make a deal.



technology trade fair – an exhibition where companies show their new technology and try to sell it

stand – a large desk or display that is used for showing your product

hardware – physical parts of a machine

software – the programs that run on a computer

fine – very good (when used as an adjective before a noun)

manufacture – make

provisional order – when a business buys a small amount of something to see whether it sells well

recommended retail price – the price that the public should pay for something

wholesale price – the price that businesses should pay for something before they sell it on to the public