Insomnia is a condition where you can’t sleep. Jack and Sasha share a house together and are talking at the breakfast table.


Jack: What’s up? You look awful!

Sasha: Ugh… I feel awful.

Jack: Yeah?

Sasha: I got absolutely no sleep last night.

Jack: How come?

Sasha: First, the neighbours had a fight that went on for hours. Then, just as I was dropping off, their dog started barking!

Jack: What a nightmare!

Sasha: That thing yapped for hours on end!

Jack: Did you manage to get any shuteye at all?

Sasha: I reckon I went off just as the sun was coming up, so only about two hours all in all.

Jack: I feel bad for you.

Sasha: Oh well, no use in complaining I guess.

Jack: Yep. We had better get to work. Come on.

Sasha: Okay. Perhaps I can catch forty winks on the bus!


awful – very bad

yap – bark (the noise that a dog makes)

shuteye – a word for sleep

all in all – in total

complain – speak negatively about something that you don’t like

catch forty winks – a phrase that means have a small sleep

nightmare – can mean a bad dream or a bad situation


  1. Do you need a minimum amount of sleep every night?
  2. Have you ever been kept awake? What caused the problem?
  3. Do you like to catch forty winks in the afternoon? Where is the best place for this?