Coffee Shop

Do you like coffee? Jasmine is going to make a takeaway order at the local coffee shop, but can she remember what her colleague’s order was?

Coffee Shop

Barista: Morning, Jasmine. How are you today?

Jasmine: Lovely! How are you?

Barista: Can’t complain. What can I get you?

Jasmine: Hmmm. Now. What did he want? I need to get an order for my colleague. Should have written it down… Well, I want a skinny latte, please…

Barista:  (trying to help) Perhaps it was a cappuccino…

Jasmine: (being a bit vague) No… No… Erm… What was it?

Barista: A hot chocolate, maybe?

Jasmine: (getting frustrated) Ohhhh… Come on, brain!

Barista: A soy latte?

Jasmine: Grrrrrrrr…

Barista: Sorry, can I serve another customer while you think?

Jasmine: It’s on the tip of my tongue!

Barista: (slightly annoyed) Next customer, please!

Jasmine: I’ve got it! It was a decaf, soy latte with two extra shots and cream!

Barista: (feeling tired) Phew! A decaf, soy latte with two extra shots and cream for your colleague. And what did you say you wanted again?

Jasmine: Oh! Er… I can’t remember!



  1. Have you ever been to a coffee shop?
  2. Do you like coffee?
  3. What’s the craziest order you have ever heard in a coffee shop?
  4. How many cups of coffee do you have every day?
  5. What’s your least favourite drink?