On a Plane

The plane is just about to take off, but there are a few jobs for people to do first.

On a Plane

Cabin crew member: Would you like something to drink?

Passenger: Hi. Just an orange juice, thanks.

Cabin crew member: Here you go. Sorry, could I ask you to put your bag in the overhead locker? We’re about to take off.

Passenger: Cheers. No problem. I just need to get my book out.

Cabin crew member: Oh, that’s fine.

Passenger: This book is great. I really recommend it.

Cabin crew member: What’s it called?

Passenger: How To Become A Millionaire In Fifty Days.

Cabin crew member: That sounds interesting I’m guessing you’re not a millionaire, seeing as you’re sitting in economy.

Passenger: (laughing) How rude!

Cabin crew member: Good luck with that then!

Passenger: Thanks!



  1. Have you ever travelled by plane? Where did you go?
  2. What’s your definition of a long-haul flight?
  3. Do you think that plane travel is enjoyable? Why?
  4. What do you think the future of air travel might look like?
  5. Is air travel expensive?
  6. Would you like to fly a plane?
  7. Is working as a flight attendant difficult?
  8. What do you think of airline food?
  9. What are some tips for having a good flight?
  10. What’s the world’s best airline?